Second Chance at Love_Feature Film_Grant Rivers Productions

Second Chance at Love

Levi, a very wealthy 50 year old Texas rancher, recently widowed, meets Belle, a 30 year old U.T. acting student, recently divorced, they develop a relationship blocked every way by their age and income differences, and made frustratingly more complicated when she lands a film role in Los Angeles.

Genre: Romantic Comedy Comedy
Finders Keypers_Grant Rivers Productions

Finder’s Keypersan original treasure hunt

An older teenage French boy is fishing with his award winning doctor father when he hooks a metal box covered with barnacles that ultimately contains a golden key to one of the world’s great Treasures. An exciting adventure story with his two daring teenage friends ensues.

Genre: Adventure

It’s Time – a trip to the past!

This is a story about two young explorers, Clarissa and Ned, who get time trapped in the wonders of ancient Egypt only to learn to solve the terrible tenth dimension game threatening to destroy all the civilizations in all the worlds.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Helon & Harold TV pilot

An oft-bickering couple learns life really does start after 60 as they continually get caught up in absurd and outrageous situations.

Genre: Comedy